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Philippine Election 2013

Philippine Senatoriable 2013 Social Media Ranking

Marianne-Castro September 29, 2012 Philippine Election 2013 News 2 Comments

Social media has earned a prominent seat at the table with the large media companies of the world and has birthed an entirely new way to cover the world of politics. As we approach the 2013 Philippine Election, political chatter will continue to snowball and generate enormous heaps of data.

Data can drastically impact how we determine the importance of a given story, the ways that we gauge public opinion and eventually may even revolutionize the way we cast our votes.

Social media to turn the conventions away from the smoke-filled rooms of yore and into meetings where anyone who wants to get involved is just a click away, no matter where they are.

Below are the Social Media Ranking for the Philippine Senatoriable as of Septermber 2012.

Philippine Election Social Media Ranking

Download the Philippine Senatorial Election Social Media Ranking for September 2012

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  • pepito arreola

    I still have no choice to vote coz i dont like all the incumbents, so plese publish all the names of all senatoriables

  • pepito arreola

    about the party list system, for the past years do they have accomplishments to show to the people they are representing or they are just waiting for their pork barrel. Please abolish this.