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Philippine Election 2013

NCR Pasig List of Candidates for Election 2013

Marianne-Castro March 23, 2013 NCR 1 Comment

NCR Pasig List of Candidates for Election 2013

Member, House Of Representatives – City Of Pasig

Romulo, Roman – Liberal Party
Salatandre, Jun – United Nationalist Alliance

Mayor – City Of Pasig

Eusebio, Maribel – Nacionalista Party
Mejia, Ismael – Independent
Rivera, Wainwright – Independent

Vice-Mayor – City Of Pasig

Asilo, Rodrigo – Nacionalista Party
Bernardo, Iyo Christian – Independent
Fabella, Vicente – Independent
San Juan, Nemencio – Independent

Councilor – City Of Pasig

First District
Asuncion, Bongzig – Independent
Avis, Ferdinand – Nacionalista Party
Bernardo, Lorna – Nacionalista Party
Brown, Rhichie Gerard – Independent
Gamboa, Jon-Jon – Liberal Party
Lati, Jo – Independent
Lipana, Rene – Nacionalista Party
Rupisan, Ory – Nacionalista Party
San Buenaventura, Joy Sb – Nacionalista Party
Santiago, Augustin Alexee – Nacionalista Party
Sia, Ian – Liberal Party
Sta. Ana, Gary – United Nationalist Alliance
Second District
Benavides, Charmie – Nacionalista Party
Benito, Olly – Nacionalista Party
Dela Cruz, Aquilino, Jr. – Liberal Party
Diao, Edmark – Independent
Eusebio, Ricky – Nacionalista Party
Ibe, Ronnie – Independent
Martires, Yoyong – Nacionalista Party
Raymundo, Reynaldo – Nacionalista Party
Sityar, Willy – Nacionalista Party
Sy, Alan – Independent
Vidayo, Alberto – Independent

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    How can we afford another dirty politician?

    It is not even an insult to say that Rodrigo Asilo is little more than a common thug. In some circles, he is probably proud of his reputation preferring to be feared rather than respected. Reports of his shady dealings are well known, not the least of which is a murder conviction in Batangas.

    If it was just about a minor position, it would be enough to list his character flaws and leave it there, but his aspirations now include becoming Vice Mayor for Pasig City, second in command to the Mayor. Asilo has been anointed by the Eusebio family as their running mate in the upcoming election, and despite his past, Asilo’s connections make him a serious contender. With his background, it’s hard to understand how he can possibly be qualified for the job, much less be the forward-thinking leader that we need right now.

    Certainly the past is well-traveled ground for all of us. We have all lived in the shadow of corruption and felt its weight on our people. With all the burdens that have fallen upon us and all the troubles that we have faced, our country and Pasig are now poised for a new era of prosperity and renewal. It is ours, if we take that step. Dirty politics and incompetence have plagued our country for decades, but Pasig City deserves better than endless stagnation. With all of the construction cranes across the Manila skyline, Pasig cannot sit back and let success pass us by. We could play a major part in the upcoming economic expansion if we choose a leader with new ideas and the strength to stand up for us — not a leader that is proud of his dismal reputation and only shows concern for his cronies.
    Asilo’s record is available for everyone to see, so the choice is clear. The bottomline is: We cannot afford to live in the past anymore. We have waited too long, and we need a leader that can seize the opportunity that is in front of us.