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Philippine Election 2013

Armm Tawi Tawi List Of Candidates For Election 2013

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Armm Tawi Tawi List Of Candidates For Election 2013

Provincial Governor

Jaafar, Nur – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Matba, Rashidin – United Nationalist Alliance
Sahali, Nurbert – Liberal Party

Provincial Vice-Governor

Ahaja, Allan – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Ahaja, Tati – Liberal Party
Reyes, Richard – Independent
Salapuddin, Ramon – Independent
Usman, Jilkasi – United Nationalist Alliance

Member, Sangguniang Panlalawigan

First District
Abdurahim, Sabuddin – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Ahamad, Allan – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Akip, Rodel – Independent
Bulante, Yasmin – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Dais, Al-Shadikh – Liberal Party
Guevara, Nursida – United Nationalist Alliance
Jaani, Ganda – Liberal Party
Jaji, Lajid – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Ladjahali, Edzfar – Liberal Party
Lakian, Alan-Nur – Independent
Sali, Ismael – United Nationalist Alliance
Sampang, Lau – United Nationalist Alliance
Tamburani, Abdulwahab – Liberal Party
Tugung, Alinorie – Independent
Usman, Jeffrey – United Nationalist Alliance
Second District
Abdulmunap, Al-Khalid – Liberal Party
Abubakar, Hadzra – United Nationalist Alliance
Abubakar, Sawadjaan – Independent
Habe, Nasser – Liberal Party
Ibnohajil, Jals – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Jalambo, Rieza – Independent
Jalani, Sals – United Nationalist Alliance
Jumad, Jevar – Independent
Jumah, Aminsali – Independent
Lipae, Emang – Independent
Mangona, Dhes – United Nationalist Alliance
Masdal, Ismael – Liberal Party
Omar, Nur – Liberal Party
Sangka, Albasir – United Nationalist Alliance
Yacob, Abdulmobin – Independent

Member, House Of Representatives

Abubakar, Anuar – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Abubakar, Pochong – United Nationalist Alliance
Albani, Shariff – Independent
Sahali, Ruby – Liberal Party


Ahaja, Nur-Mahadil – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition
Ajihil, Myrna – Liberal Party
Bawasanta, Rodolfo – Liberal Party
Halipa, Sulay – Liberal Party
Kamaluddin, Kiram – Independent
Kashim, Jo – Independent
Omar, Mustapha – United Nationalist Alliance
Sangkula, Abdinnajir – Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party
Tambut, Nurnien – Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition

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